Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Final Projects for 3-D Design

Project #2, Anti-Gravity

Project #1 (found objects)

Previous projects

There are three projects in this class:  The first has to do with learning to see and intentionally create vocabulary.  The second project has to do with the absence of gravity and the scale of objects, and the third project has to do with intentionally making associations with objects to tell a story or reveal an insight.

Welcome to 3-D Design

What is the relationship between the Elements and Principles of Design?  It's like baking a cake.  The elements are the ingredients and the principles are like the recipe.  OR, in building a house, the elements are like the windows, doors, lumber, concrete, roofing materials, and the blueprints are the principles that indicate how things should be put together. This is the central understanding that cuts through the different lists of elements and principles.